Creator of Miru, Artist, Graffiti writer, Series Co-creator



Artist, J.McClary (Publicly known as See One ) a graffiti writer of 20 years, illustrator and designer, created Miru in 2006 while commuting to work on the trains of New York City. In 2009, Miru began popping up on walls, posters, stickers and creating a variety of work featuring Miru. 2011 saw the start of the early webcomic featuring Miru, which led to the new published series.

Writer, Letterer, Series Co-creator

Rick Laprade

Rick lives with his girlfriend and cat. He likes beaches but not long walks on them. His weapon of choice is bourbon, and he claims to be able to dead lift 8000lbs. He met Kenny Rogers once.



A5 100%

“Eleonora enjoys her graphic designer life coloring and having spaghetti almost every day, like a true italian. The rest of the time is just laughs, movies, comics and wandering around London, where she lives.”


Miru (Mee-roo) is a 400 year old bright & mischievous little dragon from the creative mind of visual artist and graffiti writer, See One. Miru began popping up on walls in New York around 2009. Since then Miru he been spotted numerous times on the streets via stickers, murals, posters, apparel, artwork, video and now, comics.